April 16, 2024

Godly Husband: Is She Your Helper or Your Slave?

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Guys, let’s be honest.  We would be lost without our wives.  It’s not just the fact that she’s prettier than us, cooks better than us, cleans better than us, runs a house better than us.  It’s also that she’s more organized, remembers things, makes sure we match, and kisses like you would never get out of the bathroom mirror!

Both of you have a purpose in working together– and God created the woman to help the man.  That doesn’t let us out of a lot of responsibility. It is, after all, us men that will stand before God and give account to how we lead our family.  It is us men that will be ultimately responsible for the spiritual training and nurturing of our kids.

That being the case, I think we’re wrong, men, when we slip into the thought that because we bring home the money we deserve the right to have the wife do everything around the house.  There are times when she will be at her wits end trying to keep up the house that you are ultimately responsible for.  How do you handle this?  Do you pick up that vacuum cleaner and clean the floor?

Remember, men, she takes pride in the way she keeps the house– and suffers emotionally if she cannot be the helper she wants to be.  Do you take notice and compliment the daily things that she does?  Do you encourage and take part in helping where you can?  Are you reasonably proficient in the areas of the house so that you can lend a needed hand when someone is sick, tired or otherwise?  Do you provide an outlet for your wife, so that she is not always bound to the home?

Men, we need to treasure our wife like the fine being she is.  We need to encourage her, and help her to fulfill her God-given role the best we can.  That may mean ceasing to think of her as your slave and beginning to think of her like the treasure she is.

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2 thoughts on “Godly Husband: Is She Your Helper or Your Slave?

  1. Thank You for this post.
    I must admit that apart from (sadly it is huge part, but anyway) the matters of faith, my husband is all of the above, and I thank God for him every day.

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