May 21, 2024

Godly Husband: What Do You Care Most About?

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Hard question, guys.  We all seem to have something that we really enjoy doing, whether that’s watching television, playing video/computer games or working on the car.  For me, it’s blogging.  I find real enjoyment and pleasure from being able to write and share my thoughts and ideas.

Whatever the case, you will show what you care most about by the amount of time you put into caring for it and maintaining it.  Take a minute now– I’ll wait– and think about your day in terms of how much time you spend on what outside of working (or even when you’re working).

Right there you will get a good idea of what you like to do.  Do you find yourself looking forward to get home because of your wife and family or because of your hobby?  Do you have any thoughts about going home to your family?  If they’re not good thoughts, you have a problem, but if you don’t find your wife and kids something to look forward to, there are two places to look.

The first place is your own heart.  Have you allowed something or someone to take the place of your time with God?  A proper relationship with God is the first key step in having proper relationships at home.  Have you allowed something to take away your desire to be with your family?

You need to start investing time and thought into your family if this is the case.  When you were dating, you spent a lot of time thinking about your wife, you thought about getting her things she liked (flowers, chocolate, etc.), you thought about the way she looked, you planned to take her out.   You need to do these kinds of things.  I know, at first it will seemed a bit forced, but if you get in the practice of thinking and doing things for your wife you will find that your emotions about your family will change and you will change and long to be with them more.

Second place you have to look is your home.  Is there something that is there that is not dealt with that could be causing you to stay away?  Sit down with your wife and talk with her about what’s going on at home.  Work together to create a place where you are encouraged.  By demonstrating a love for her that is willing to go through the tough spells you’ll be a leader and improve your home!

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3 thoughts on “Godly Husband: What Do You Care Most About?

  1. Please pray for my marriage. Been married for 20 years and things look dim. My husband things everything is fine, but it’s me that is having problems. To make a long story short, this all started when my husband got involved with a family that started attending his church (I do not attend this church – due to I disagree with some of the beliefs). This family was homeless and the church (mostly my husband) got involved in finding the family a cheat hotel room. The family is a single mother with 3 children. My husband was the only one in the church that was picking them up to bring to church. I indicated to him that I was uncomfortable with this situation – and I did not understand why the other “families” of the church could also picked them up to take to church. He informed to the pastor that “I” was uncomfortable with the situation and could others take them to church. Well the family stopped going to church and some think she might have been running from the law or somebody. Now my husband has taken up with a family that is illegal (Mexico) mother, father, (2) 18 year old twin daughters, (1) 13 year old son and (1) 5 year old. The family sells tamales to make a living and the parents are busy Wednesday nights, and Sunday afternoons. Therefore my sweet husband takes the older children to church at these times. My husband leaves home on Sunday morning at 9am and I really don’t see him until 7pm that evening. He goes to bible study, church, then takes the older children to the nursing home to give communion, then he goes back to church for Sunday evening service. Mark – I feel angry with God for taking my husband away too many hours from me and he seems to find others to share time with. Why does this make me angry? Cause we have been married for 20 years and my husband does not really take me anywhere for us to enjoy and we have not taken any vacations. I have not been out of Texas for 20 years~! I also did not include – my husband suffers from ODC disorder. I have gained 80 pounds since we have been married. God please forgive me and help me with my anger. Robin from Texas
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