June 16, 2024

Godly Husband: Are You a Leader?

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Men, are you the spiritual leader in your home?  I can hear the excuses now:

  • But she knows more scripture than I do!
  • Women are better at praying than men are.
  • I take the family to church, don’t I?
  • Did you say supper was on the table?

I’m sure that I had a lot of you rubbing your hands together with glee when I addressed the ladies last week asking them if their husband was their master.  The sobering thought is that with that trust that she should place in you coupled with God’s statement that you will be accountable for how you lead, there is a lot at stake in the way you lead her and your family.

Don’t think that her submission is easy and don’t think that it is just to serve you.  She’s doing it to serve the Lord, to glorify him, and to show her love to you.  You, in turn, are entrusted with her being, and you need to take that trust seriously.

If you’re not leading in your home, you need to step up to the plate and begin to lead.  So what if she knows more scripture– the Holy Spirit can work in you if you’ll let Him.  Stand up, be a man, and take the time to make wise and godly decisions.

Also, keep in mind that Christ’s ideas of leadership and the worlds are very different.  The world sees the leader as the one with all the perks– all the underlings and all the privileges.  Christ sees leaders as servants– seeking the best of those that follow at the leader’s own personal cost.  Remember that Christ’s leadership had him washing the disciple’s feet as an example.

Men, we’re responsible to lead our home in love.  We’re commanded to cherish our wife and to meet her needs.  We owe her a lot for her submission so we must be on the look out for how we can demonstrate our love and direction in ways that would be pleasing to God.

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One thought on “Godly Husband: Are You a Leader?

  1. MIN, Perhaps you should give some examples of what it means to be a spiritual leader in the home, for those who may not know. I know for myself real life ideas can really be motivating.

    Mrs. Meg Logan

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