June 16, 2024

Comment Policy

Welcome to MInTheGap!

Here at MInTheGap we tackle complex issues of cultural significance in a Biblical framework.  That pretty much means that we will be opened to disagreement in our discussion.  At times we will disagree passionately, have differences of opinion, and since we all come from different backgrounds and may have different worldviews we have to have some kind of policy in place to help us all  respect one another.

You do not have to agree with everything the author writes.  If you did, I’d wonder if you were an MInTheGap impersonator.  Healthy discussion of a topic is beneficial– it helps to strengthen both parties as they discuss their points of view and hone their skills.

However, there are lines that can be crossed.   The following list is not exhaustive, but illustrates the kinds of things that will not be tolerated:

  • Personal attacks– Calling people names and bashing groups of people.
  • Disrespect– This includes disrespect of another’s ideas, belittling, attacking the person– not the concept.
  • Attacks on God– You may not believe in the God of the Bible, but here, as it would be in my house, you must at least show respect.  Calling Him the “man upstairs”, “sky daddy”, etc. will be considered disrespectful.  You may use the lowercase “god” to signify your unbelief or use “the Christian God” as appropriate ways to express your unbelief, but others will be edited.
  • Promotion of Immoral material– Comments that link to content that is inappropriate for my audience (including porn and other sexual material, violence against others, etc)
  • Commenting with the intent of disruption (i.e. trolls).  Taking the post far off topic, parsing/quote-mining posts or comments for the purpose of disruption, or not engaging in a clear discussion.

In the case of a violation:

  • Your comment may be edited/deleted.
  • Your links may be removed.
  • You may be placed on the moderation queue.
  • You may be placed on the blacklist queue.

Please direct all questions to MInTheGap via the comment form.

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