February 21, 2024

The Anti-Democracy Party Strikes Again

Every party with an incumbent President wants the current guy to sail through the primaries so that they are best positioned to face off with the other party in the fall. The last thing they want is to have their guy spending campaign cash in a primary fighting off rivals when they can be storing away that money for the big fight.

But when you have a candidate as weak as current President Joe Biden, well, all of this comes off as an affront to Democracy– and taking away people’s choices.

I mean, when you have the record that the current President has, and you have his age and senility, facing off against the former President allows stark contrasts to be made– things that would not be issues for someone without a record.

“[Dean] Phillips has accused the DNC of working to obstruct the presidential primary process by changing the Democratic primary schedule, refusing to hold debates…”

“… and preventing the engagement of delegates from New Hampshire. ‘I don’t know how to better articulate these efforts than, yes, a threat to democracy by undermining it and suppressing it,’ Phillips told The Post last month.”

Ann Althouse

For those keeping score at home, the Democrat party is:

  • Trying the leading Republican opponent in Court
  • Attempting to get the leading Republican opponent off the ballot in some states
  • Keeping Democrat party candidates off the ballot in states
  • Forcing states to change their calendars to prefer their President
  • Telling some states that their delegates don’t count.

Am I missing anything else?

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