February 21, 2024

Hurry Up And Vote No

Over the weekend, the Senate let loose its version of a border security/Foreign War funding bill, and it went about as well as the critics suggested– which means it was awful.

The worst part of the bill is that the President has to declare an emergency, allowing up to 5,000 people into the country daily before an emergency is warranted.

We already are in a crisis, where everyone presenting to the border is told that they can live for years in the country before even getting a court hearing… meaning they are just allowed to live here indefinitely.

The Democrats want to push that the people here become legal, and States are trying to give them the ability to drive and vote, for once they are here, the trend is toward using our driving principles to make them citizens.

When the text came out, there was outrage from former President Trump, House Speaker Mike Johnson, and so many senators that now, Minority Leader McConnell is telling the Republicans in the Senate to vote No on the bill– one that they negotiated with Schumer and the President!

The Democrats are aghast because they negotiated in “good faith” with the Republicans. Still, the facts on the ground have changed dramatically– with support for WW3 abroad falling with the base, and a renewed focus on the invasion from the border.

Texas is leading this charge with what they are doing on the border, fighting the federal government, and the memes are going wild, meaning that we could have WW3 at the same time as the Second Civil War.

Former President Trump is capitalizing on this, as building the wall was his big selling point the first time, so there has been some criticism that the Senate is now aligning with their candidate instead of their positions during the negotiation. President Biden’s team could blunt the impact in multiple ways, but they do not seem to want to jeopardize what little of their base they still have supporting them.

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