February 21, 2024

Pres. Biden Is Never Going to Debate Fmr Pres. Trump

Over the weekend, former President Trump challenged President Biden to a debate. Biden blew it off, saying that obviously, Trump wants to debate because he has nothing else to do. Which is kind of amusing considering all the rallies and court dates he’s been keeping.

What I found interesting is that there were a lot of questions as to whether Team Biden would say that there was no reason to debate an insurrectionist, and keep up the heated rhetoric, or how they would handle this– they had to know this was coming. Instead, Biden just tried to pretend that it was beneath him.

Biden has only one thing going for him in a debate with Trump: Extremely low expectations. No one expects Biden to win against his predecessor, and a debate on the issues plays into Trump’s hands. Maybe Biden expects to bow out– the sooner the better for the Democrats.

This is currently the worst-case scenario for Team Biden. If Trump wraps up the nomination soon, the Republicans won’t be spending all their money against each other and will start in on Biden now with everything, and start the drumbeat for debates. If Trump can wear Biden down early, he may have to bow out and get replaced– which many believe is going to happen anyway. Even Trump is saying that there’s no way that Biden is the nominee, which would make sense with the way the Democrats are behaving.

So, my prediction is that we’ll never see a debate– either because Biden will not be the nominee, or they will come up with some reason why it’s not something he can do. We won’t see a debate.

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