May 18, 2024

Should the Democrats Panic About Election 2024?

It’s in the best interest of everyone to keep everyone interested, and there’s no better way to do that than to have a close race. If you’ve been paying any attention to the polls, then you’ll see that those from Republican outlets will tell you about how former President Trump leads in the battleground states, and if you read the Democrat outlets you’ll see how Biden has pulled back in the lead with registered voters.

This is all a calculated strategy.

The worst thing that could happen to a candidate is for their people not to show up at the polls, and you’re more psychologically willing to make sure that you make the polls if you think that the race is close, or that you have a chance to be a part of a big thing. If you believe that your candidate has it all wrapped up or that he’s definitely going to lose, there’s not as much motivation. If you don’t believe in your candidate or cause, you have even less reason.

And getting people to the polls can also affect the down-ballot races, which is why we see things like this:

Democrats are worried, and there are two recent, though seemingly unrelated stories, that show the Democrats aren’t just worried about Biden, but about the Democratic Party as a whole this November – particularly where the Senate is concerned.

The current Senate map is extremely unfavorable for Senate Democrats. The most vulnerable of their numbers are up for reelection, including in Arizona, Montana, and Ohio, which are considered “toss-up” seats. Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin are also up for grabs, currently listed as “Leans Democrat.” Overall, polling for Democrats across the board – from Joe Biden on down – is bad, and there are still some signs in the economy that things could get worse.

Democrats Have Been Panicking About Joe Biden. Now, They’re Panicking About the Senate.

Are Democrats really panicking? Who knows. At this point, there’s a lot of focus on strategy and whose campaign is more disciplined.

The big story in 2016 and to some extent 2020, was that his campaign was a soap opera. It was clashing personalities, it was nonstop drama. This cycle, the thing I’ve been struck by time and again, is that it is a low-drama campaign. Operatives don’t want press, don’t want their egos out there. They’re focused on getting Trump to the White House in November 2024.

As I write in the piece, his freedom is at stake, really, the only thing that is guaranteed to keep Donald Trump out of jail is becoming the next president of the United States and appointing an attorney general who will get these charges thrown out. It’s really that simple. I think that is really why you see Donald Trump so focused. Yes, he says incendiary things on the stump, but when it comes to the mechanics of running the campaign, it is a much different operation.

Inside Trump 2024 Campaign via Vanity Fair Is Freaking Out About Trump’s ‘Terrifyingly Competent’ Campaign

Again, remember that everything you read has a goal of influencing, more than information. That’s the focus to keep in mind when you read all of this stuff, especially this far out (before the conventions). After Labor Day, it’ll be a bit different story.

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