April 21, 2021

MInTheGap Welcomes Rebecca

Joining us as one that stands in the gap is Rebecca from The Space Between My Peers.Β  Rebecca is a SAHM with a low budget and an insane need to dissect, analyze, and interpret the art and science of what to wear.

Today she will contribute her first post here at MInTheGap– please give her a warm welcome!

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13 thoughts on “MInTheGap Welcomes Rebecca

  1. Nice to have you here, Rebecca! I’m looking forward to reading more from you. Thanks so much for visiting my blog a couple weeks ago. I have been over to yours, but at the time I didn’t have a chance to comment. So, I will be checking it out again! Deb

  2. Stephen, my 17-year old had to tell me that one…so I didn’t even figure it out on my own! I’m still trying to understand my 2-year old, much less all the computer lingo!

  3. Well, there are plenty of acronyms out there, and a tribute to your superior intellect, Stephen, that you figured it out without someone responding!

    Hmm, someone should have made sure you found out. :whistle:

    Well, in any case, “Mother” could also be “Mom” and that’s the more common usage I’ve seen.

    Anything we can have you take two days to figure out– I mean– get you the answer for, Deborah?


  4. Wow, Deborah, the way that you’ve been commenting over here, you’ll appear on the Top Commentors for the last 30 days here pretty soon. 😎

    Or is that your agenda? :ninja:

  5. Thanks all! And thank you Deborah for the heads up that this whole thread was here. For some reason, it never occurred to me to comment on a post to welcome me. And it never occurred to me that anyone else would either. I mean, I just never thought about it.


  6. Well…it hasn’t been on my agenda to be listed as a top commentator, but I would be in great company!! πŸ˜‰ No, you all have just got me hooked on this blogging thing…I told Mary this would happen!! Now my poor children are fixing the meals, doing the laundry… πŸ˜† But seriously, I’m really enjoying this and getting to know all of you and checking out your blogs. I’ve learned so much too! So thanks, you all, for making it so much fun! Deb

  7. I myself prefer: SAHHM~ stay at home homeschooling mom


    My favorite internet acronym is OMIK: open mouth insert keyboard

    Have I had to do this? :silly:

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