May 24, 2024

My Sunday Hymn

Find your joy in the Lord
Take His guidance in your ways
Open your heart for His Love
Soften your mind for His Teaching
Bow your soul for His Grace
He will never leave you, and He will never betray you
His Word will guide you forever into the Light of His Home
Before Him you are righteous and pure
Before Him you are not aloneFind your joy in Jesus
And your salvation in God
Taste the sweetness of surrender
And drink the waters of obedience

See His Power and Greatness in everything He does
Admire His Mercy and Love in everything He undertakes
Tremble before His Justice and Majesty
Put your life trustingly in His Forgiving Glory

Find your joy in prayer
Talk to the Lord constantly
Praise His Holiness and Righteousness
Find your peace with the Lord

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