April 24, 2024

Just Like Glue

Ever have a post that you’d like to stick to the top, no matter what comes after it?  I mean, it’s either just that good, or it deserves more attention rather than being buried on the bottom of your page or worse– on the next page?

With a WordPress blog, you have to download an extension to do this, and here at MInTheGap we use Adhesive.

Adhesive gives you a check box on your composition page that reads “Sticky”.  If you click this box, the post will always be in a fixed place on your blog.  If you only have one post checked, it will always be the first.  Of course, this is only the case if this is not a future post.  Future posts will become sticky only after the post’s time has past.

I’ve used this before for the logo contest near the beginning of fall and to announce other things and projects.  So, go find the plugin, download it, and make things sticky!

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9 thoughts on “Just Like Glue

  1. That’s a good question. Having never used blogger I’m not sure. This blog gives the impression that the only way to do it is to put the creation date far into the future.

    Does this mean that you can’t have future posts (posts that do not display until the post’s date) in blogger? That would seem to me to be a serious shortcoming for my method of operation where I write posts for a week or two at a time.

    I know that when I was at bravejournal I could not post future dates.

    If someone has information on this, I think we’d all benefit from hearing it!

  2. Wow, I wondered how you did that during the logo contest! Thanks for sharing.

    I’ve used bravenet and blogger and nothing compares to WordPress. So glad MIn convinced me to make the switch way back when!

  3. And with WordPress, you don’t have to be a guru to install a plethora of themes and extensions. You’ll best be served by getting your own dot com, and they’re cheap. You are highly limited with Blogger and other “free” blog resources.

  4. Yes, Sephen. i’ve got one there, too. Not at all happy about it, because working in it feels like glue 🙂
    It is slow, very slow.
    Besides, what do you do when your blog adress is quite well estabilished in the blogosphere, you do not want to change it. And bloggger is pretty good, I can work with the template code, the little I know how, so… It is fine. I’ll just have to live without “stickies”, unless I switch completetly to beta.

  5. I think wordpress give free wordpress blogs too. I haven’t signed up with the service, so I don’t know what plugins are available – but it would be an easy way to get used to wordpress.

  6. My WordPress isn’t slow at all…it’s one of the free blogs WordPress offers…plus, it never eats my blog entries before I can hit publish, which I hear happens often with Blogger blogs. You can’t use plug-ins with the free WP blogs, but there are a lot of free widgets available to just drag and add to your template.

    Ann, I’ll update you in my blogroll if you ever switch!

  7. Heloo, Mary 🙂

    I do not know. For me it takes up to a minute to change from one mode to another, like from dashboard to a new post. The same with saving, switching to HTML, etc. It might be the location – I am not close to the server.
    On the other hand – Blogger works perfectly well for me, never any losses of the kind You describe, some few occasional outages, but who does not have them.
    I am afraid switching is not an option. There is a couple of reasons for that, one has to do with the very reason I opened an account on Blogger, the other is its integration with Google, and there is this other one – people have just started to come and read.
    Thank You for the updating thought 🙂
    OK – I like Blogger a lot 🙂

    PS. Min, I think it would be nice if there was a function to proofread comments before the definitive posting. Is it?
    Blogger has it 😉

  8. I actually tried to install a plugin that would let a comment author edit their comment for up to 30 minutes after they had keyed it in– don’t think that it’s working, though. I think that registered users may be able to login to the control panel and go edit their own comments– you may have to try that out for me, though! 🙂

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