February 21, 2024

Summer Series Spectacular

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So I’m trying something a little new and different, and that’s why it’s been a little quiet here.  Basically, I’ve decided that I would like to try to use the slow summer months to write some longer posts and series rather than just going crazy trying to keep up with news.

To that end, I have a few series I’ve started to write, and I’ll post them when completed, and let them overlap to some degree.  That way I should be able to maintain a consistent set of content that you can expect, and I’ll vary the topic.

I have one other idea I thought I’d bounce off you—what do you think of segmenting my feeds so that you can get the topics that you’re really interested in?

I’ve noticed that I cover a wide variety of topics, but perhaps you’re only really interested in some segment of my topics—culture, technology, etc.—if I segmented you could subscribe to only the topic that interested you.

Other than that, the first new series will be talking about the “Other Woman” of Proverbs and from there we’ll see where it leads.

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2 thoughts on “Summer Series Spectacular

  1. If you do segment your feeds, make sure you keep an option open for people to still subscribe to the whole blog. I have less interest in the technical stuff you write, but I still peruse them because every now and then a post will jump out at me.

    AGs last blog post..Prayer for Kaleo

  2. @AG: I’m still toying with the idea of segmenting. If I did, I would still have the general feed, I’d just offer alternatives. I know that we’re all busy people, and that if I can make it easier to see what you’re interested in, then I’ll do it.

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