April 12, 2024

Microsoft Has a New Search Engine

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Just when you thought Google had it all sewn up, Microsoft is still attempting to come up with an answer to Google and to try to get in on Google’s millions making search engine.

The problem for Google is that it is ridiculously easy to try a set of keywords in a different site.  The problem for those that try to enter the ring with Google is that they have to convince people not only to give them a chance, but reliably provide as good or better results than Google.

Both of those have proven hard to do.

However, it’s been enough for Google to send out its technicians to check out Bing and see if it can improve its algorithm even more.

It’s also caused some to start looking for problems in Bing as well as ways to get around some of its features.  One problem that’s been seen so far is the default security/privacy rating allows some racy videos to be seen, and to be seen as coming from Bing instead of the servers where it’s hosted.

In any case, it’ll be interesting to see if Microsoft can gain any ground on the giant that is Google, or whether this too will be another “wanna-be”.

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2 thoughts on “Microsoft Has a New Search Engine

  1. Creating a clone of Google for searching, and throwing in some more bells and whistles isn’t going to get them anywhere. To beat Google, someone needs to come up with something radical and new, which makes search much more easier, more accurate and faster than Google.

    They’re spending a 100 million dollars on marketing it. If they spent that money on research and hiring new bright kids, that would probably help them a lot more.

    1. @Ling: Perhaps. Maybe I’m just not bright enough, but I’m not sure where search can improve without improving the content that is searched– and even when that is done the system will be able to be gamed.

      Social networks like Stumble Upon, etc., seem to gain more value because actual people can see the content and rate it.

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