May 20, 2024

Creating an Ad Manager

By now you’ve noticed the 125×125 ad squares I have placed on the right hand side bar.  These affiliate ads come from programs I’ve signed up with to promote their web sites in exchange for money if you sign up or purchase something from their site.  They are not like Google AdSense– I don’t get money from clicks– and therefore if you want to check them out, please feel free.  The newest program I’m running is Zazzle– so go ahead and check it out!

The biggest challenge, for me anyway, in running affiliate programs is managing all the ads.  Each program has ads that run all the time, and ads that run for specific times of year (like Mother’s Day coming up).  And unlike Google AdSense that reads your content and decides what to place, I have to place every ad in context.  That could be a lot of work!

So, I’ve taken three steps to help me manage ads, and over a series of posts I’m going to share with you what I have done and what I’m doing to make the magic of these ads work.

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