May 18, 2024

Who Should Control How Much You Get Paid?

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Some of the most well paid people in the world are athletes.  These people who play a sport get paid to do something they love to do—and they get paid handsomely.

Now, it’s true that they produce some jobs—concession stand operators, announcers, etc.  And they produce a lot of revenue in terms of television contracts, advertising, etc.

So, why is it that the government is not going after these people—trying to cap what they get paid, and instead trying to cap what executives of firms that employ thousands of people get paid?

Two words: Class warfare.

Part of the strategy of the Democrat Party is to create class warfare—the haves and the have-nots.  They create this because in order to inflict the most pain in taxes they have to justify why they are forcing people who have earned their living more than their neighbor.

So they have spent a considerable amount of time doing just that—vilifying people that have made money and have employees (and the perks that go along with it), while allowing some people to make crazy amounts of money almost without comment.

It’s part of the hypocrisy on the job.  The same type of hypocrisy that says that it’s wrong for GM to send people to Washington on private jets, but then taking your wife to see a show in a government jet (followed by fighter pilots, etc.) when the government is bleeding so much more money than any private company.

I mean, what a gig, eh?  If things go bad, what does the government do?  Print more money and borrow it.  If a company goes under, the government takes control or it goes bankrupt.

You want the best way to rein in exec pay?  Let the company that ends up in the red fail—and let them take it out of the exec’s pay.  That’ll bring it back down to earth.

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