June 16, 2024

Just Incase You Still Believe Him

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By now I’m hoping that you’ve begun to see through the facade.  President Obama promised a lot of things, and contrary to what some would like you to believe, he intends on carrying out his socialist agenda as far as he can get away with.

In case you still cannot see through his current charade on health care, here is a great video on the topic:

Hat Tip: Say Anything

This is part of a plan, with terms being used so that the American people do not catch on.

I know you’re smarter than that!

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6 thoughts on “Just Incase You Still Believe Him

  1. This health care stuff makes my blood pressure sky rocket! It seems today, that American’s want to have their “ears tickled” with ideas that sound great on the surface. Yet if they played out the course of what he’s saying they’d realize what’s happening. I’m praying America wakes up before we’re in too deep.

    Great post!
    .-= Sarah@Life in the Parsonage´s last blog ..Classic Me… =-.

  2. Thanks Sarah– it’s true. We’ve become a nation of “what can we have now” and for all the talk of “the children” and what we are and aren’t doing for them, we’re imprisoning them with a lot of debt and giving them a mess instead of the country you and I grew up in.

  3. I am NOT liking where this healthcare system is going, and I’m worried about my family and our future children and some of my friends…This is NOT a good thing!! Why can’t people wake up and realize that?
    .-= Lois Lane II´s last blog ..This really happened =-.

  4. well, wasn’t that a fabulous piecemeal of quote mining, ranging over quite a few years. spin at it’s best!

    yes, you’re all correct. it’s awful, this idea to cover every single american under a health insurance plan. How dare politicians want to help people who don’t have health insurance. People in America, a Christian nation, should have to fend for themselves. After all, that’s what the Bible teaches us. if they can’t afford insurance, they simply should not get sick. more importantly, if they weren’t so darned lazy, they’d have the money to pay for health insurance.

    yeah, perfect logic. also very charitable, loving, and compassionate.

    If the private insurance companies don’t want a public system, perhaps they should work much harder to come up with an alternative solution. If they refuse to modify how they do business, I have no pity for them.
    .-= Musicguy´s last blog ..Happy Darwin Day! =-.

  5. Are you attempting to say that the clip made statements that were factually incorrect, or stating your dislike for these kinds of presentations in general.

    If the video was true to the presentations made, then it really doesn’t matter, does it?

    Is it a bad idea to cover every single American under an insurance plan? Yes and no.

    In a world that had infinite resources (doctors, nurses, sick beds and funds), certainly this would be a terrific idea. However, all of these things are finite.

    Therefore, if all of a sudden “everyone” has health insurance (and I would argue that a majority of those that would want the coverage currently have the coverage), you would one of the following things happen:

    1. You’d have to ration care, because just as everyone will sign up for a “free giveaway”, everyone would go to the doctor at the slightest sign of a cold.

    2. You’d have to raid the treasury even more to pay for the added doctors that would be necessary to keep up with demand.

    It’s like saying “I think everyone in America should have free auto insurance”– but how would that work, since there are people that don’t drive, people that are better drivers than others. The bureaucracy alone would be crushing.

    Government is not equipped to function at this scale without massive fraud, mismanagement and waste. Just look at the fraud that exists with medicare and medicaid!

    This is one of those things that sounds really good, but it completely and entirely impractical.

    As for the Christian argument– Jesus himself said that we would always have the poor with us, but nowhere did he state that the government should be in the position to provide aid… That we as individuals should help those that do not have. He said “those who shall not work shall not eat,” but he commanded individuals to help each other.

    Again, Jesus was a big person for individual initiative– people meeting needs, making an impact on one another. Nowhere do you find him advocating for more government from Rome. Instead you find his disciples appointing people to help wait on tables and minister to the needy in their midst.

    Your last paragraph is a fantasy– there is no way to guarantee a high level of care universally. There are three resources (money, treatment locations/personnel and patients) and they are limited. Change the number of any one of them and you’ll have to cut back on one or more of the others.

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