April 12, 2024

If I Were to Write Election 2008

Studying on the SideThis has been a strange time to be alive.  Why do I say that?  Because within my life time we’ve had:

  • A President win almost all the states in the Union (Ronald Reagan).
  • An impeachment of a sitting President (Bill Clinton).
  • A successful recall of a Governor of California (Gray Davis).

  • An attack on U.S. Soil (9/11).
  • A black man and a woman leading a major political party’s candidate process.
  • A virtual tie in delegates for the nomination of that party.

It’s almost like they say—it’s more of a story than anything.  If this was my story that I was writing, I’d make it yet more interesting.  Picture this:

With tensions flaring on the Democrat side, and Conservative Apathy on the Republican side, Hillary decides that it’s in her best interest to run as the Liberal party candidate rather than staying in the Democrat party.  This starts a power vacuum that encourages Mitt Romney to sign up for the Conservative party’s nominee, and both start to campaign on how it’s not fair that people cannot voice their opinions because the main candidates are too much like each other.

Sensing a better storyline, the media picks up on this trend and begins to actually hold debates between not just the four major candidates, but also includes the Green, Libertarian, and Constitutional Party candidates, at which time people realize that they do have a choice, and that the two parties do not hold a lock on the nomination.

Panic ensues in the major parties, as funds begin to be diverted to other parties, and candidates across the political spectrum show up at various levels of government.

November comes along, and no candidate makes the necessary electoral votes to become President, according to the actual tally.  Many third and fourth party candidates are elected to the House, and though the major parties hold their positions in the Senate, many with much less support than they previously enjoyed.

Foreseeing the unthinkable in January , a bill has been proposed that would change the system to the popular vote, but fails due to lack of support and Bush’s attempt at a legacy.

In January, the new House and Senate are seated, and according to the law, their first order of business is to elect a President and Vice President.  The country cannot believe what it is seeing.

But then again, who could have seen Monica Lewinsky and 9/11 coming?

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