May 18, 2024

Plan B: Is it Safe?

This entry is part 6 of 7 in the series Thoughts on Abortion

One of the most controversial posts I have written is entitled “Plan B: Buy it For Your Underaged Girlfriend.”  In that post, I use satire to present the idea that with Plan B you need not worry about getting your underaged girlfriend pregnant because you now have access– without a prescription.

After many comments dealing with whether using Birth Control causes an abortion, the difference between fertilization, conception, implantation, and pregnancy (the latter two are the same), and discussions here and on other blogs, I realized (reading a post from Jill Stanek entitled May need a new Plan B)  something that I should have remembered.  That being, regular birth control requires a prescription.

How is this related?  Plan B, it turns out, is a concentrated version of exactly what’s in a birth control pill.  In fact, it’s like 20 times more powerful than the BC that you have to see a doctor to get!

Logic would say that if you’re going to provide the stronger of the two to the public without a prescription, why not the weaker of the two?

I understand the 72-hour window in which you need to take Plan B to work, but if I remember right– there are 24 hours in a day, and there’s only one day that an Urgent Care or Doctor’s Office isn’t open.  Even then there are emergency rooms and pager lines.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but most women have an OB/GYN doctor, and these same doctors could charge some kind of fee if they needed to prescribe Plan B and they were not in the office.

So, I see no reason why Plan B could not stay prescribed for the chance that the doctor could help the woman (or underaged girl who should report what happened to her) and close this loophole that was created.

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