April 12, 2024

What if You Knew Your Baby Would Die?

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One of the hardest situations a parent must face is the battleground of the abortion debate.  Because of technology and the ability we have to see what is going on in the womb before birth.  We also have many ways to test genes and other things to tell if certain things are wrong with the baby in the womb.

The Pro-Abortion side of this debate would like you to believe that a majority of the cases abortion is used is in situations where the mother or baby’s health are in jeopardy.  They point to situations like the one that faced Ezekiel Weatherford.  You see, his mother and father had a painful day Nov 6, 2006:

Jessica remembers her excitement when she finally saw an image of the 20-week fetus inside her. She remembers staring at Dave’s face as the sonogram technician, a young woman, smiled when she told them they were having a boy.

A boy!

But the sonogram technician grew quiet as she swirled the wand this way and that on Jessica’s belly. She remembers that the technician just … kept … looking.

Jessica and Dave were ushered into a waiting room where they spent nearly an hour. When they finally saw the doctor, his face wore the news.

I’m sorry, he said. There are abnormalities with your baby’s brain and abdomen. Problems too great for medical science to fix.

Jessica felt her throat close. Felt the sting of tears, the shudder of a broken heart. In the blink of a routine appointment, their world spun from giddy joy to gut-wrenching sorrow.

The doctor left the couple alone to grieve.

And choose their future.

The situation got worse.

An amniocentesis confirmed a nonhereditary birth defect: full trisomy 13, a condition of having three copies of chromosome 13.

For her, the decision was easy– she and her husband Dave would choose to love this child as long as they could.  She ended up giving birth to Ezekiel, and was able to feel him on her chest– but only briefly as the life that was soon brought from the womb (via C-Section) soon left.

Pro-Abortionists would have us believe that it was humane for him to be dissected and vacuumed up.  To be partially born and then have his brains sucked out.  To do anything but to birth this child.  And yet they miss what happened in this family.  They miss the family coming together through a difficult time.  The love that was shown to the family through friends.  The chance that they had to experience life, if even briefly.

To them, life was more than just something to be tossed aside when it was inconvenient or “of poor quality” it was something that was bigger than that– and little Ezekiel touched many lives in the process.

Hat tip Jill Stanek

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6 thoughts on “What if You Knew Your Baby Would Die?

  1. I thank you for sharing this story. As the proud uncle of Zeke Weatherford I know first hand how God used his short life to touch more people than most would in a full lifetime. Continue to pray that his story will touch even more people and continue to be an amazing example of Christ’s love.

  2. This story has a positive, yet tragic components in it.

    The parents were able to see and hold their precious baby before he was taken home.

    And the baby knew love and comfort before succombing to death.

    I cannot imagine the pain of losing a child, and what is so precious about this story is that they allowed their baby to experience life, regardless of how short it was.

  3. Amen and Amen.

    Praise the Lord He uses such weak and small things for His great glory!

    Mrs. Meg Logan

  4. this is part of the reason why we don’t go through with all the tests. Now I realize they discovered this on the ultrasound, and we do the ultrasounds (mainly to determine age and sex) but the other tests we avoid. Ultimately, if the baby has some serious disorder or disease it won’t change what we do with the pregnancy. We wouldn’t abort the baby just because it may not live… I feel more comfortable not knowing, and then just realizing when the baby is born, and moving forward accordingly. Why charge the insurance company all that extra expense if we aren’t going to change the course of things no matter the outcome of the tests?

    Mrs. Meg Logan

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