March 2, 2024

The Ultrasound

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In high school, I attended a pro-life rally in which the 28 minute film, A Silent Scream was shown. In it, a twelve-week-old baby is aborted. Powerful.

In these days of increasing evil, it’s refreshing to fight on in the pro-life cause by whatever positive means we can.

Enter the power of the Ultrasound. Crisis pregnancy centers across the United States are using them with phenomenal success. There is nothing like seeing your active son or daughter, squirming on-screen, thumb in mouth, heart pulsing. And the newer 3D-4D sonograms are amazing. This parent-child awakening is saving lives. And it’s making the pro-choice front sit up and take notice.

Caitlin Flanagan, in The Atlantic Monthly of May 2007, writes on “abortions and the bloodiness of being female”:

“…a thousand arguments about the beginning of human life will never appeal to me as powerfully as a terrified pregnant girl desperate for a bit of compassion.

But my sympathy for the beliefs of people who oppose abortion is enormous, and it grows almost by the day. An ultrasound image taken surprisingly early in pregnancy can stop me in my tracks. In it is much more than I want to know about the tiny creature whose destruction we have legalized: a beating heart, a human face, functioning kidneys, two waving hands that seem not too far away from being able to grasp and shake a rattle. One of the newest types of prenatal imaging, the three-dimensional sonogram—which is so fully realized that happily pregnant women spend a hundred dollars to have their babies’ first “photograph” taken—is frankly terrifying when examined in the context of the abortion debate. The demands pro-life advocates make of pregnant women are modest: All they want is a little bit of time. All they are asking, in a societal climate in which out-of-wedlock pregnancy is without stigma, is that pregnant women give the tiny bodies growing inside of them a few months, until the little creatures are large enough to be on their way, to loving homes.”

In Bonding with baby, Why Ultrasounds are turning women against abortion, Mark Stricherz states,

“Pro-life organizations and churches tend to be the only institutions pushing for early sonograms. But since there’s little money to be made in helping the poor and vulnerable, their budgets are absurdly meager; they do as much as they can with the little they’re given. And this appears to be true even of crisis pregnancy centers that use sonograms.”

Does your crisis pregnancy center have the funds it needs? We can help in so many ways from fund-raisers, to baby showers. Simply raising awareness can move hearts and inspire generosity. I’ve seen it. My own church views our local Family Life Center as a missions outreach, one we faithfully support each month as we do other missionaries.

Whether you view abortion as a business or a butchery, the ultrasound issue is one both sides of the abortion debate are taking seriously.

A basic 2-D ultrasound scanner costs $20,000-25,000 dollars. What is the cost of a human life?

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8 thoughts on “The Ultrasound

  1. It is amazing. Suddenly science is against pro-choice, and the whole movement watches in horror how their house built on sand disintegrates. But watch out – Satan is angry, and certainly already preparing some new tricks…

  2. Yes, Satan is angry. He knows he’s the loser in the end, so watch out in the meantime, right?

    MIn, perfect picture, thanks so much!

  3. Mary you are aware that the ACLU and Planned Parenthood are trying to ban this, right? They are so furious!

    Why? Because they stand to lose millions of dollars, that’s why. It’s a booming business murdering babies.

  4. It’s getting to the point that science is contradicting the basic set of premises that you have to believe in order to justify the killing.

    Women had to be told that it’s just tissue– it isn’t a baby. Yet pictures prove otherwise.
    Women had to be told that it’s not human– yet DNA proves otherwise. It proves it’s a new living being– unique in it’s own way.

    Mary, well, some of us have ultrasound pictures floating around… :whistle:

  5. You know… it is crazy out there. The other day my brother recounted a story of a woman who was describing how grotesque and wrong it is to abort baby goats for their skins, but in the next sentence said that late term abortion of a human baby was something that just had to be done, and was ok.

    The illogic of the world will never cease to amaze me. *shakes head* what a sad state.

    Mrs. Meg Logan

  6. It is a booming business, Leticia. I’m getting more and more convinced that the big groups like PP and ACLU and we can take it even further to the big drug companies just want to dumb down the women/America so we’ll follow like lambs to the slaughter and take their word for it that it’s the best and most “informed” way. In the meantime we kill our babies, or drug them with Ritalin, or poison them with toxins in their toothpastes and sunscreens, and we think we’re protecting them. :dizzy:

    MIn, is that pic of your very own little girl? Surely not! What a cutie in either case…

    Paula, thanks for the link, I didn’t think to see if it was online. Good to know.

    Mrs. Logan, it’s ridiculous, isn’t it? Especially when you think of the amounts of money PETA and others spend to save the lives of animals…those groups so eager to legalize embryonic stem cell research are likely the same ones funding anti-animal testing programs…

    And, in San Francisco, the SPCA purchased 12 air conditioned and furnished apartments with sky lights, no less, for stray animals. After some debate, they decided to allow homeless people to come to stay with the dogs or cats…so the animals wouldn’t be lonely. The catch: the humans can’t spend the night and can’t use the showers.


  7. what?? Oh the idiocy… Sheesh… I just can’t even express the stupidity of humanity without Christ.

    “and the Lord looked down on mankind and saw that they were continually evil all the time and that the thoughts of their hearts were wicked.” (or something like that.)

    Praise the Lord He sent His redeemer! “For if you are My disciple, and you follow My commands, you will know the truth and the truth shall set you free.”

    “therefore, be not conformed to the ways of the world, but be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind”

    Praise the Lord it is so much clearer now. I remember when my mind was so conformed to the world that I was constantly confused about what was real and what was truth. Then, Christ came, and showed me the truth, and lead me in the way, and now I see clearly (on most things…but Im still being transformed)

    Mrs. Meg Logan

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