August 19, 2022

Celebrity Round Up – Alley and Anderson

It’s been a while since we looked at what celebrities were up to.  Why do we care?  It’s not that I’m obsessed with celebrities, but unfortunately they live lives that people idolize, that they focus on and that effect us– if not now, in the future.  They are, in some way, a public representation of what’s going on in the hearts and lives of people and they show us (by the reactions of the media, etc.) just how far we are from the truth.  I understand that some of you might not be interested, but for others, we’ll  play a little catch up and see what’s going on.

I thought Kirstie Alley did a good job portraying a Vulcan in Star Trek II.  Her response to Spock’s exaggeration was perfect.  Why she never ended up reprising the role seems like a lost opportunity.

And then, she put on some weight.  And got her own show “Fat Actress.”  After some unflattering pictures were taken of her, she took a challenge on Oprah’s show to show up in a bikini and she did.

Now, I’m against wearing underwear on the beach– so you can imagine how I am about strutting your stuff on TV for the sheer reason of making a point.  Alley’s point?  That women don’t ever feel like they are good enough, and that she has come to the point in her life where she feels confident enough to dress in that way.

Now really, do I ever want my wife or little girl to feel confident to wear their underwear on national TV?  Not on your life.  But do I want them to be grateful for the body God gave them?  Absolutely.

Pamela Anderson is almost single again.  Both she and her husband filed for divorce papers seeking to end a long marriage of nearly four months.

I’m not sure the current count, but this is at least marriage number two for the woman most noted for being on the opposite side of the “women’s looks” spectrum as Ms. Alley that we just talked about.

So, now we can thank her for giving our girls two terrible examples:

  • The whole concept that your body is never good enough unless you alter it, and
  • That marriages are as easy to get into as to get out of.

This couple had multiple marriage ceremonies, but it appears that having three ceremonies didn’t stop them from leaving each other a few short months later.

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