April 16, 2024

How Christians are Like Paris Hilton

Jose 3 HEader

One of the biggest difficulties in living the Christian life is realizing that we still sin.  This is one of the biggest things that are thrown into the Christian’s face when they take a stand for truth– that the Christian is a hypocrite because he cannot live up to the standard that he proclaims.

Hence the comparison with Ms. Hilton.  Fortunately, it’s been a long time since I’ve seen her name in the news.  In fact, I believe that she’s been attempting to remake her image, and that is exactly my point.

You see, Ms. Hilton shot to fame when a film of an intimate encounter with an ex-boyfriend was released and spread throughout the world via the Internet.  Before that, she was simply an heiress to a lot of money.  After this, she was able to get herself onto television shows, television commercials, get a brand made out of a catch phrase, become famous for carrying STDs, etc.

Then, she ended up in prison for a short time, claims to have found God, and now is serious.  And, as you can imagine, people are having a hard time believing her.

And yet this is very similar to the walk a Christian has.  Before Christ, we were lost in sin.  Now it’s true that our sin may not have been as “bad” as Ms. Hilton’s, but how God sees the sin and the punishment (and payment) are all the same.

Ms. Hilton has had a rocky road since she came into the public eye– failures and successes have alternated.  Same with many Christians.  Many follow hard after God when the start out only to find the fame go to their head and then follow after those things that the fame can bring you.

And Ms. Hilton seems to be keeping out of the public eye– perhaps even doing some philanthropy.  If this is true, it’s also the usual behavior the Christian should model– doing God’s work in a way to get Him the credit and not ourselves.

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4 thoughts on “How Christians are Like Paris Hilton

  1. I totally didn’t know that Paris is supposedly a Christian. I hope that rumor’s true and that she is richly blessed in her walk. What an awesome testimony to God’s goodness!

    AG’s last blog post..Mary

  2. Well, in her interview with Barbara Walters she said that “God has given me this new chance.” Now most people are implying that she either thought she was a Christian before, or she became one through the prison experience. And just exactly what “Christian” means isn’t very well defined either.

    As always, it’ll be what she does that will testify to the hope that is in her. And you’re right, AG, let’s pray that she did in fact have an encounter with God.

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