April 16, 2024

No More Room in NYC

Texas Governor Gregg Abbot’s plan of shipping those coming across his southern border is having the desired effect in sanctuary cities and states across America. It’s quite fashionable to advertise that you would support illegal immigration and flout the federal laws when practically no one can make it to your city because you’re so far from the border, but when people start showing up and overflowing your capacity, that’s another story.

Our hearts are endless, but our resources are not. It’s not like New York is not saying we are not a city of immigrants. We are. We have a rich history of immigrants, but we can’t take the global problem and it become our problem. That is unfair to New Yorkers, and is unfair to migrants.

We’re not just saying we’re out of room as a soundbite. We’re out of room, literally. People are going to be eventually sleeping on the streets.

‘We’re Out of Room’: NYC Mayor Adams Says Illegal Immigrants Will Soon Have to Sleep Rough

This is on top of hearing that migrants are taking the places and services of our veterans, citizens are having to house them in their schools and homes, and they are committing crimes, sometimes with reduced sentences. It’s one thing to be generous, and do as the Bible says and look after the foreigner in our land. It’s another thing to support an invasion.

It’s one thing to let a person or a family into your house for a short time while they are going to college or getting ready to support themselves. It’s another thing to let them come, take over your house, light your car on fire, and have the government tell you that they cannot do anything about it.

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