April 16, 2024

Regulating Contraception Should be Left Up to the States

After the Dobbs ruling, the Democrats decided that it wasn’t enough to campaign on returning the right to kill your baby in utero, they had to add to it that the next step was Republicans coming after your right to contraception. It is actually a fair point.

Contraception and Abortion have been linked before, and protection for neither is enshrined in the Constitution of the United States. Anything that is not spelled out in the Constitution, or has a Federal law in place for it, is left up to the states. Since there is no law protecting access to contraception, then the states should have the right to regulate it in whatever way their people see fit.

The left in America has two tools to exert power over the people to control their lives– whether you believe that it is beneficent purposes or evil intent. The first is through the Administrative State and the other is through the Court System.

For most of my adult life, the left has leveraged the court system, seeking to (and most of the time succeeding in) legislate through the courts all manner of social programs like a right to contraception, abortion, same-sex relations, and marriages. These social issues did not have the support of the majority of Americans, so they were not able to pass laws to control them and were left using the courts.

As it appeared that the courts may not always be balanced to their liking, they also leveraged the Administrative State, choosing to write laws in such a broad way that if they were to be able to get enough people in the Administrative State they could use the power of the Presidency, or the difficulty in removing public workers, to push their agendas. We’re seeing that in the Green Regulations that are going out without votes in either branch of Congress, but changing lives just the same.

So when The Independent comes out saying that the Republicans are coming after contraception, what they mean is that they are attempting to roll back the court cases and administrative rules, and give the power back to the states and the people of those states to decide their morals and values, rather than pushing the values of the left on the entire nation.

This is why you can have people on the right telling you that they support contraceptive access– those lawmakers are in favor of it. They just aren’t in favor of it in the way that it was done.

Look for someone to try to take the wind out of the sails of this one by proposing federal or state legislation to support the right, even if the Supreme Court case is overturned. That will be your sign of what people truly support.

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