April 12, 2024

Could You Strike out a Major League Batter with a 30 MPH Pitch?

When I was a young teen I thought I could throw a ball pretty fast because I could strike out my younger brothers and neighbors in the front yard of my parent’s house. So, I was hoping to see some big numbers when they had the radar gun at the local county fair.

Yeah, I didn’t throw that fast– about 32 MPH. So this article from Wired that modeled how you’d have to throw to get in the strike-zone interested me.

Players practice for the type of pitch they will encounter most often—a fast pitch. When something new shows up, they have to make an adjustment, and that could be difficult. Mark Eichhorn of the Toronto Blue Jays made a successful career by striking out players at slower-than-normal velocities, with speeds in the 70s—something batters found confusing.

So maybe there’s still a chance for me and my 30-mph pitch. Maybe.

Can You Strike Out a Major League Player by Pitching Super Slow?

So, odds are, they’d launch my 32 mph, assuming I could get it over the plate!

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