June 16, 2024

What Should Female Anchorwomen Look Like?

Megyn Kelly It appears that a Christian media watchdog group has come out and complained about what the Fox News Anchorwomen look like:

CHRISTIAN “media watchdog group” The Resistance is all worked up over the ultra-femme anchors of Fox News. The group’s leader, Mark Dice, rants in an e-mail, “I see shorter skirts on the women of Fox News than I do on the prostitutes being arrested on cop shows.” [Hat Tip: SayAnything]

It’s been a while since I’ve haven’t had cable or watch Fox News in a while, I know that this is one of the two things that people do not like about the network:

  1. They are biased toward the GOP
  2. Their Anchorwomen are selling sex, not the news.

Now, I fully believe that these women are smart. I believe that they have degrees, and I believe that they know their stuff. They are, in other words, professionals.

However, it is a little upsetting that they buy into the need to sell their bodies to sell the news. After all, do they believe that their product is so weak that they have to cater to those that just want to look at their bodies? I mean, I understand that people turn to TV to see pretty faces, and for the most part like to look at attractive people, but this is the news.

These women are role models just as much as the girls that parade around in their underwear swimsuits for the Miss USA pageant or the celebrities that are in the movies. They need to show how you can be professional and successful– and by sending the message that you better have a perfect body if you want to be successful they are selling the whole gender short.

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10 thoughts on “What Should Female Anchorwomen Look Like?

  1. Totally agree. In fact, I was just thumbing through a home decor book club flyer last night, and I saw that Jane Seymour has written a book showcasing her home and how she’s decorated it. The picture on the book cover shows Jane in a really low cut formal, and I just thought? Why? Why for a book on home decor? So you can leave it out on your coffee table and explain to your children why she’s showing so much of herself to them? Or I guess I could choose not to buy the book, just as I’m choosing not to watch network television.

  2. Are you sure that you haven’t been listening to my husband and I while we watch the news? lol In our area, there is one anchorwoman on the news who wears all sorts of outfits to be “sexy”. While I don’t expect women to dress like men, there still should be a level of professionalism there… and it’s lacking.

  3. The women on our local stations (when we’ve watched) usually are ok, but I’ve noticed that Fox is definitely one to try to ratchet up the “sex quotient” of their broadcasts. Another person like Jane Seymore is that Rachel Ray– she has pretty low cut tops on her cook books.

    Jenna, I’m sure I haven’t been listening to you and your husband watch the news, but if you care to podcast it or give us an address, maybe we could swing by some night. 🙂

  4. I don’t get FOX news, but if your photo is any indication, that is absolutely inappropriate attire – for any occasion (at least in my book :)).

  5. Most of the time it isn’t “formal attire” that they’re wearing, but they do wear “high maintenance clothing” which means, to me, that you have to think about positions, etc. that you’re in in order to make sure that you’re keeping some appearance of modesty.

  6. She is obviously at a formal event wearing a formal gown. In my opinion that is very appropriate. She looks elegant. I watch all the news networks and other than the Spanish telemundo the women never seem too under-dressed or overly sexy. I have never seen any of the anchor women wearing low-cut tops, mini skirts (how would you know, they are usually sitting down), or showing much skin. I think when people notice such things they are too obsessed with sex and have low self esteem. Or… they are so weak-minded they cannot see past some flesh. Then to say because so many of them have blond hair… [Oh my gosh!]…. lets just crucify all blond people because they are too sexy for TV and cause people to sin in their thoughts. Really people?

  7. I don’t have problems on the outfits of anchorwomen. It is because I usually see them in their business attire. I agree that they are looked up as role models by their audience.

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