May 24, 2024

Would You Have Kept the Five?

On my way back from returning some tuxedos, I stopped by the local Walmart and grabbed some Snapple Peach Tea among other things, but when I went to the checkout, I realized I left my wallet in the car. I ran out to the car, and took the cash out to pay when I got in, but saw a 5 dollar bill on the ground.

Now, I was pretty confident that I had counted and knew I only had $15 on me. In fact, when I was in Walmart picking up stuff, I was keeping the total under fifteen so I could pay it all in cash.

So what do I do with the 5-dollar bill? It would let me buy one more of the other items. I decided that since I thought someone left it, the right thing to do was to give it to one of the workers– even though I knew there was practically no way someone would come in claiming that they lost $5.

I paid for my items, went on my way, and then started to wonder…

You know, the other day I thought I had $15 on me, and I seem to remember counting that I actually had $20. Or is that just misremembering? Should I go back and claim the money?

I drove away, knowing that there was pretty much no way to get that $5 back– if it was mine– and the longer I’m away, the less of a chance.

Either way, I hope it blesses someone!

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