July 23, 2024

Identity Crisis

Lathe operator machining parts for transport p...
Lathe operator machining parts for transport planes at the Consolidated Aircraft Corporation plant, Fort Worth, USA (1942). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Why do we expect men and women to be the same?  They aren’t.  I know, that statement may surprise some of you, but hear me out.

Ever since the mid 1900’s, what we’ve expected of women has changed.  She was no longer allowed to think that her life was complete by simply being a woman and raising a family.  Now she had to do all that and have a job outside the home.

What society managed to do was to make being a woman something that was less important.  She was told that she was to be—for all practical purposes—a man, but that’s not the case:

Men and women were meant to compliment each other.  They are not the same, and no matter how much the culture would like to equate them, they will never be the same.

Physically, her brain is wired differently.  As you learn on any ladies anti-perspirant commercial, it may be “strong enough for a man”, but “it’s ph balanced for a woman.”

They have different needs, different values and though there may be some statistical anomalies, there are very strong patterns in each sex. [The Power of Femininity]

The truth is, because of this redefinition, society has been hurt.

  • Women in the workforce fill positions that currently unemployed laborers could be filling, thus contributing to unemployment.
  • Families have come to depend on two incomes, allowing themselves more debt and expecting more things, which has made us less grateful and more materialistic.
  • Men and women have trouble relating, and now that both have external commitments, there is greater chance of growing emotionally apart.
  • Many children are raised by grandparents or family at best and complete strangers at worst.

Being feminine or being a traditional woman is not a bad thing.  It’s something that we should encourage—right along with encouraging husbands and fathers to spend more time with their families, passing on to them what is truly important.

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