April 12, 2024

How Often Do You Get Away?

Dream Vacation by Sreejith KThe Generous Husband is big on getting away as a couple:

Vacations … give us a chance to have fun together, and this is exceptionally important to our marriages. Shared experiences bond us together, and give us good memories to share for the rest of our lives. On a smaller scale, we need date nights, Saturday hikes, and the like for the same reasons.  –  How Often Does Your Marriage Need Time Away?

He goes on to describe how often he thinks couples should get away, starting with at least one date night every two weeks and on from there.

This sounds all well and good for retired people, but I’m not sure how it works for couples with small families.  Don’t get me wrong, these couples could use the break, but I’m not sure how I would get a way for a full day or weekend with my wife!

Image: Dream Vacation by Sreejith K

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3 thoughts on “How Often Do You Get Away?

  1. Sadly…we rarely get away. We have too many critters…namely dairy cows. I imagine it would cost a pretty penny to have someone come farmsit for us, not to mention…we’d be pretty picky about who took things over and how they did things. Dairy cows are finicky about people changes too, believe it or not. We’ve talked about “planning” out the cows’ lactation/delivery better to allow a month of downtime (no milking) but we haven’t done that yet. Our girls did cover for us to have an overnight getaway in late December when we were just milking one cow and waiting on others to calve…but there was a winter storm while we were gone that took out the electricity to the well pump, so they were out of water and we had to cut things short and get home to fix the prob! However, we did have enough of a getaway that we will never forget it and can’t wait till the next time! It was the first overnight getaway in a decade for us as a couple…

    1. I’ve found that my most enjoyable part of getting away is that you aren’t swamped by all the things that you know you need to do. For that, it doesn’t have to be far away, just enough to give you a break. Glad to hear your daughters were able to fill in– that should be good when they are responsible enough!

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