May 27, 2024

Right and Left

bush door header

Many of us remember this fateful event.  After a meeting, President George W. Bush headed toward a door, pulled on it, only to find it locked and a great picture was taken—the one seen above.

The media used this photo/video, the late night comics got their laughs, and it fed into the media template that “Bush is a moron”.

So, where’s the news coverage of the following:

Embedded video from CNN VideoIndeed, President Obama makes a mistep– confusing what side of the podium he should be on and which side he should walk out, and CNN is the only source I have found with video for it.

I’m not saying that Presidents should be perfect. I’m not saying that they are not human, and that every flaw should be pointed out.

I’m simply saying that perhaps we should be a bit more consistent in our presentations of people, and either afford them grace to make mistakes or show them all how human they are.

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2 thoughts on “Right and Left

  1. I THINK that I commented on your blog quite some time ago…I think it was about sovereign grace theology. I just noticed that you’re in my Favorites, but haven’t checked in for a while.

    Anyway, I’m w/you…I don’t think that Every. Single mishap needs to be documented, dissected and mocked. I voted for Bush, but I think he turned out to be pretty much a disaster on a myriad of levels. HOWEVER, I deplore(d) the late night comics going sideways on him–in personal attacks. Even more, I detest the double standard by the media w/regard to President Obama.

    Did you know that Obama tried to enter a window instead of a door early in his presidency? I Googled it because I wanted to make sure that I remembered it correctly. I don’t wish to demean him, but it is maddening for ANY fair-minded person to witness the unprecedented worship of Obama by the press, and the deference they pay him. I have no problem if the press doesn’t cover such nonsense, e.g., multiple teleprompter meltdown gaffes, but it cuts both ways, and in the spirit of a level playing field, let’s show it all.


    PS In case you’re interested:

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