May 18, 2024

Trump Team Demanding Debates

In a move that is a surprise to no one, the Trump team is ramping up the intensity of their call for debates between the former President and the current one. Trump has famously said that he will debate President Biden “anywhere, any place, any time” and the Commission on Presidential Debates has scheduled the typical four debates (one for the VPs), but Trump is asking for them to be moved up because of early voting.

Personally, I stick by my prediction earlier: There’s no way that Biden will debate Trump. He’s going to find some way to get out of it– either through saying that he can’t elevate the man, trying to get the trial dates to interfere, or something. There’s no way the two of them are on the same stage.

Here’s the onion: Joe Biden, honestly, is not up to the debates. He’s not competent any longer. He would fare badly in a debate against Trump, as he would have fared equally badly in a debate against Ron DeSantis, Nikki Haley, Vivek Ramaswamy, or anyone else who may have been the GOP nominee.

The first layer of this onion is Joe Biden’s track record. … The second layer of this onion is Biden himself. … The final layer of the onion, one that is most able to bring tears to the eyes of the Biden campaign, is Donald Trump.

Trump Campaign Demanding Debates: Biden Campaign Strangely Quiet

The only way that this works out to Biden’s benefit is that he would be going into the debates with extremely low expectations. From there, he could try to get sympathy if Trump talked over him and try to paint Trump as a bully, or he could try to get medication to make him seem lively and try to sound competent for the time being.

But right now, there are no good options. Which is why the Biden campaign is saying nothing, praying for a miracle to get their candidate to the election.

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