May 18, 2024

Time for a New World Order?

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Talk about the ultimate buzz word for any that have looked into Eschatology as related to the Old Testament book of Daniel and the New Testament book of Revelation, the phrase “New World Order” is the phrase used to describe what will happen before the Anti-Christ rises to power and Christ returns to Rapture His church before the coming Tribulation according to the Pre-Tribulation view of the New Testament.

So, why is it that this term, which is supposed to strike fear in the Christians, is mentioned a lot in today’s conversation?

What is the Present World Order?

In order to get context, we have to know what the current world order is before we can define what a new one would be!

I would posit that when people talk about the current world order refers to the current countries that are leaders and powers in the world—mostly the western countries and specifically the United States and its allies.

So What Would Be a New World Order?

With the ascendancy of China and India, Brazil’s leader is suggesting that Brazil, Russia, India, and China (BRIC) could be the central power players in this new order and they would be the ones pushing ahead.  These countries are the ones that are gaining in funds and people as well as political clout.

As the United States starts to implode, it could be seen as necessary to find other states to take its place—or to buy us out.  Except for Brazil, the other countries that are in the BRIC are all mentioned in the end times prophecies, so that makes it all the more interesting.

Should Christians have much to fear?  I think it will be a bumpy ride down as America falls into obscurity if this is the time for that.  However, for the worst of the tribulation I believe we will be absent.

All the more reason to be living lives pleasing to Him as we see the day approaching.

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