February 21, 2024

Breaks A Covenant With God

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The concept of a promise comes into place for two reasons:

  1. People often fail to keep their word.
  2. People want to know that you really mean what you say.

When a couple gets married, they’re traditionally making a series of really important promises.  They are first, and foremost, promising one another their love and devotion “until death do us part.”  A lot of the other vows (or promises) are geared to back up these two.

So, in one aspect, you can think of the vows that are said at a wedding as a higher form of promises made between two people.  That’s why many states have the requirement that there are witnesses present.

Just like when you take out a loan, get a building permit, or meet with a lawyer to draw up a will, the act that is taking place before God and the assembled witnesses is supposed to be approached with great care and seriousness.

That’s right, the promises you made to your husband or wife are promises made to each other and to God.

Which is why the Married Seductress has to willingly forget this covenant1 in order to carry out her evil deed.

A Covenant Until Death

The vows made at marriage are different from other promises in two areas.  The first is its length.  How many other promises do you make until you die?

The permanence of the covenant is a reflection of God’s love—an unchanging love and an unconditional love.

The Married Seductress has gotten bored in her marriage, and forgets that she made a promise until death.  She forgot that her promise was unconditional—and has either decided to forget that her primary relationship is to her spouse or decided that she can have more.

The Married Seductress believes that she can have the security promised her, but she does not have to live up to her end of the promise.  This woman is treacherous for this very reason—though part of what she will say to the man is that he is special, the only one for her, and that she loves him, the truth is that she is demonstrating that her word means nothing.

She’s already broken the promise she made to her husband to be with him, and to love him until death.  Why should the man trust her to keep this new promise?  What is so different about him than her husband when she got married?

An Unconditional Covenant

The promise made at marriage is also different in that it is a promise with no strings attached.  Most covenants or contracts have obligations that one or more parties have to complete in order for the contract to stay active.

A marriage covenant with conditions would have a way out:

  • Susie promises to love Ted—as long as Ted does the laundry.
  • Ted promises to love Susie—as long as Susie stops scrap-booking.
  • Fred will love Tanya—as long as Tanya does not flirt with other men.
  • Tanya will love Fred—as long as Fred remains faithful.

However this is not the vows people take.  A couple makes a vow that for better or worse, richer or poorer, sickness or health—that no matter what happens, through the easy and tough times, that couple will not only remain together, but will love, honor and cherish one another.

When you put it that way—it’s a tall order!

The Married Seductress has violated all of these.  She is searching elsewhere for love and power.  She’s broken her vows, and preys on those that haven’t broken theirs.

And if you believe her—that she says she truly loves you—you’ve been taken.  She promised to lover her husband until death, no matter what.  And she’s seeing you.  How can you trust her?

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  1. Proverbs 2:17 – And forgets the covenant of her God. []

4 thoughts on “Breaks A Covenant With God

  1. The “tall order” that is the marriage covenant is another reason for people to take marriage more seriously as they consider entering into it. I didn’t realize how long “until death” really was. It’s dumbfounding to think that I feel like I’ve been married forever and yet there are many couples who have been married for over twenty times the length I have.

  2. @AG: That is a very long time. And yet our culture “practices divorce” through its dating pattern, and keeps at the front of its mind that “I can always get it annulled or get a divorce” or “I can just move in with my boyfriend/girlfriend.”

    Our society is degrading for the very reason that it fails to keep its word, or allows for people to get the rights without the commitment.

  3. I found your site on technorati and read a few of your other posts. Keep up the good work. I just added your RSS feed to my Google News Reader. Looking forward to reading more from you down the road!

    Alexs last blog post..Russia and Georgia

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