March 4, 2024

Pro-Life Links – Feminism

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There is so much to say on the pro-life front.  So many good articles to read.  I will be continuing Pro-Life Fridays, but with my full length work on the topic I’ll be alternating it with links to articles I’ve collected over the past year or so that are on this topic.

Today we’ll be looking at feminism and their reaction to abortion.

Cognitive Dissonance: Pro-Choice Style?

The American Princess takes up the concept of bragging about having abortions– like it’s something to be proud of.  So, at the same time they are preaching that it’s something to be avoided, they are also saying that it’s wholly a positive thing.  They are trying to have it both ways– and yet they don’t even see it as such.

Ultrasound photos “squick” her out

Jill Stanek quotes a feminist that has so linked ultrasound photos with pro-life demonstrators that she can’t look at ultrasound photos of her nieces/nephews because those photos are linked to the concept that it’s a life inside the womb.

HPV and lung cancer

What’s more important to address, the behavior that gets you the disease or the disease itself?  Jill Stanek asks the question comparing it to lung cancer.  If there were a shot, she reasons, that prevented lung cancer, would we inoculate everyone with it and then tell them to all go have a smoke?  Then why do we give girls a shot against HPV (only one of the possible diseases that they can get through a non-monogamous  sexual lifestyle) and then give them the impression that they’re safe to have sex?

A Couple of Things About Abortion

Rob at SayAnything hits this one right on the head:

I see the radical feminist pro-abortion ghouls over at DakotaWomen have posted some nonsense about women “respecting their bodies” by being pro-choice.  Pardon me for being blunt, but shouldn’t women be “respecting their bodies” by not engaging in the sort of promiscuous sexual behavior that typically brings unwanted children into the picture?  And shouldn’t they respect their bodies by not asking some morally challenged physician stick his medical tools into her womb to kill their unborn children?

Children Cramp Our Style

This article is a must read, but I’ll include a great quote:

Some put the question in terms of a woman’s right to control her own body. That would be valid enough in the realm of smoking, diet, liposuction, or sex — but abortion? Abortion means controlling someone else’s body. (As a man, I have no authority to speak on the matter, I know, but I’m not speaking as a man. I’m speaking as an ex-fetus.)

As an ex-fetus myself, I really appreciate this last line.

The Horror of Abortion: and what we can DO about it

Jess talks about some of the reasons that young ladies have abortions, and she doesn’t stop there.  By identifying the woman behind the choice, she hopes that we can reach the girl and have her choose life:

We must foster in our hearts, and in the hearts of the people around us, a deep love for all children, even those who are not seen as valuable by our society: supposedly “unwanted” children, children with disabilities, mixed-race babies, and foster children. Be counter-cultural: love life and love women in difficult situations, and be vocal about it!

40 Days of freaking the abortion industry out

Why is it that prayer bothers some people?  When Lufkin Daily News  talked about the 40 Days of Life, Planned Parenthood responded on their website:

Go to Planned Parenthood Houston’s website and click on its Superheroes button warning that “extreme protesters are on the horizon!” and you’ll open up this page of anti-40 Days for Life opportunities…

We’re twinseparable!  Happy with his brother, the boy who refused to die

What a strange article this is.  A mother is told that one of the boys has an enlarged heart and they thought that he’d die in the womb.  So, naturally, the mother decides– to kill him?!  The rest of the article talks about just how resilient the baby proved to be– surviving an attack on his umbilical cord and reducing the size of the placenta.  Like Luanne Austin in Mount Sidney, US, I’m left to ask:

How many mothers have made the same decision as Mrs. Jones based on doctors’ recommendations, with the result of a healthy child being aborted?

And how would you like to be the child that your mom tried to kill?

Convincing A Woman To “Think Twice” About Abortion Is Unethical?

A family doctor in Britain faced losing his job all because he told women that they should think twice about having an abortion.

Dr Tammie Downes says at least eight grateful mothers have children today which they would have terminated until she asked them to consider the consequences. But Dr Downes, 36, is now being investigated by the General Medical Council for a possible breach of ethical guidelines. If charged and found guilty of professional misconduct, she could be removed from the medical register and forced from her job.

And this is a problem for what reason?  The money?

Abortion or murder?  Mom decides

It looks like a court has finally rulled on who can make the determination about whether a baby in the womb is alive or not– but it’s not a scientist or a doctor– it’s a mom.  That’s right, if the mom thinks it’s a baby, then it’s a baby and if it dies you can go after the killer for murder.  However, if the mother doesn’t think it’s a baby, then it was just an abortion.  My, the inconsistency.

The Waiting Room

Mrs. Brigham talks about her days as a leftist and the experience of bringing a friend to an abortionist.  The quote at the top of this post is priceless:

“Like an animal caught in a trap, trying to gnaw off its own leg, a woman who seeks abortion is trying to escape a desperate situation by an act of violence and self-loss. Abortion is not a sign that women are free, but a sign that they are desperate.”
~Frederica Mathewes-Green

Stay tuned next week!

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