February 21, 2024

Election 2008

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This year starts off with some early Presidential primaries before we will actually know who will be the big two political party’s candidates. Join me as we take a look at the process, the people running, and the inner-workings of our system.

Congratulations to Huckabee and Obama for winning Iowa– let’s see where they end up!

UPDATE: Hillary and McCain win New Hampsire, but Hillary and Obama are tied with the delegates from NH because of how close it was.

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One thought on “Election 2008

  1. I’m very anxious to read your election posts. It seems that many of our friends have different choices for candidates, and I haven’t really done my research. Huckabee seems really good, except for his spending record…but some people really like Ron Paul, and Fred Thompson. Hopefully you’ll help shed light on the good and the bad!

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