May 27, 2024

Where to Send Your Children to School

Studying Late

I have to believe that every Christian parent would desire that their child have a love for the Lord.  It’s debatable whether they’d actually desire that their child go into the ministry or be a missionary, but I’m sure that they desire for them to have the same or more love for God as they do.

The question that faces every parent is how to best raise their child to have that desire– especially in the area of education.  The choices fall into three simple categories:

  1. Public Schooling
  2. Private Schooling
  3. Home Schooling

In this series we’ll look at each option in different ways:

  • Why parents choose this option
  • What parents expect from the option
  • Whether the option is good at producing the desired output

I want to put a disclaimer out front that our discussion will not be exhaustive (unless, of course, it’s in the comments) and I will be talking about the movements and places as a whole– your public school might be better than average or worse than average.

Won’t you join me as we look at the different schooling options?

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3 thoughts on “Where to Send Your Children to School

  1. Well, since I cannot afford $2,000 a month to put my boys in a private Christian school, I have to send them to a public one.

    I think they will be just fine. I can still teach them about God here at home, and of course, taking them to church regularly.

  2. Leticia, I think you’ll enjoy the series then, because there are good and bad things about each type of schooling, and see if you think I’m right tomorrow about public schools!

  3. Great series topic. I’m looking forward not only to your posts, but the comments… :O)

    Haven’t heard much about the Southern Baptists and their commitment to getting all their children out of the public schools. Any new news on that? Did they ever go so far as to make it a requirement?

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