April 24, 2024

The Lazy Woman’s Way to Be a Beauty Queen

For some girls, the dream of being a princess starts early.  You see it in the way that they dress up, the time spent in front of the mirror and the way that their family praises their looks.

Some parents take that desire (or their own desire) and put these children in front of people at an early age.  They use makeup and clothes to make them look more grown up, and they put the child through long hours just to make them look the best.  They go from one show to the next, looking for scouts, paying money for people to work with their child.  When really, there’s a much easier way to get to be “Queen of the World.”

That’s right.  All they really needed to do was to take a page out of Miss Danielle Lloyd’s playbook and date one of the judges!  That’s right, Miss Lloyd’s path to stardom was only cut short because of what she did after she won, not before.

Had she kept her mouth shut about when her relationship with the judge started (she lead people to believe that it was on the night of the competition but later told a reporter that she had been dating him since Christmas) and hadn’t talked about posing topless in Playboy she probably would still have her title.

Of course, even then, the group in charge of the pageant were sorry that they had to take the title away– not sorry for the fact that a woman with morals of an alley cat rigged the pageant, bragged about it, and brought shame to her family and others.

So, if you want to win the pageant, forget dieting and exercising yourself to death– just date the judge and then keep your mouth shut.

For out of the abundance of the heart the mouth speaks…

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4 thoughts on “The Lazy Woman’s Way to Be a Beauty Queen

  1. Ick. I just can’t talk myself into liking pageants at all, and that was well before hearing about this sort of thing. *wrinkles nose*

  2. how did laura elizabeth pelton even win miss teen sunrise side ? is the miss sunrise pageant rigged? need info now

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