May 20, 2024

New Jersey Governor

Yesterday, the governor of New Jersey resigned stating that he was gay.  Here’s some snippets and my commentary:

“My truth is that I am a gay American,” McGreevey said Thursday at a news conference with his second wife by his side. He described decades of sexual confusion that dogged him through two marriages and ultimately led him to an act he called “wrong, foolish and inexcusable.”

“Gay American”?  Is that the latest attempt to co-opt the idea that criticism of the homosexual lifestyle is a racist claim?

A Roman Catholic, McGreevey had a daughter with his first wife, Kari, who lives in British Columbia with the child. He has another daughter with his current wife. Rasmussen declined to answer any questions about the future of McGreevey’s marriage.

Again, one hopes that for the sake of his family and for all families with people struggling with this sin, this man will be a good example and seek help.

New Jersey residents expressed disbelief at the news. “We thought it was a joke,” said Jeanne Montana, who heard the announcement on her car radio on the way to Atlantic City.

Again, see what’s going on here– the people trusted so much in this governor not being homosexual they thought it was a joke.

Gay rights groups expressed support and compassion for McGreevey, but their reactions were tinged with sorrow because McGreevey announced his resignation just as he became the nation’s first openly gay governor.

Do you see how they react.  You can almost see “support for his coming out” and “compassion because of all that he’s going through.”  And then the BUT.  Why are they sorry?  Are they sorry because of what this has done to his family?  No.  Sorry that the first openly gay governor is resigning.

“It is a very sad to thing to watch. It is kind of stunning, sad to me that in 2004 people are still having to struggle because of homophobia in society to come to terms with who they are,” said Kevin Cathcart, executive director of Lambda Legal.

No where in this article did it state that anyone was afraid of homophobia.  No, the reactions were those of distrust, talking about a person who breaks vows, has affairs and scandals.  In a land tired of scandals, they didn’t need one more.

Look at the reactions, the desires of the different groups.  Pray for this governor and his family.  Speak  out about the fact that this is wrong, not something to be celebrated.  React to this message!

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2 thoughts on “New Jersey Governor

  1. MIn- I like the new look! Also, good breakdown of the snippets.

    Sometimes, I think many mistake affirmation with consoling someone. You’re right in pointing out there was no outrage for the betrayal of trust to his family, but an outcry for the governor not using his new found sexuality to further on some other’s agenda.

    The family should be consoled as should the Governor. But to affirm him ‘coming out’ while not acknowledging his moral breakdown to his family is wrong.

    I will pray for the Governor. I pray that he seeks the God whom he professes to follow. What He says on the subject. And I pray he realizes that more important than the affirmations of men, God see’s him and regards him more highly than even the angels. If it’s love and acceptance the governor should seek, I pray he look no further than our Lord to find it.

  2. I agree with everything you’ve said. However, one thing not discussed is the fact that the only real reason he resigned is because apparently the gay lover was blackmailing him or threatening him in some way with extortion. And, if you look behind that the question becomes, why was that guy hired in a $110,000 a year job as a Homeland Security advisor when his experience was as a Jewish poet? What am I missing here?

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