February 21, 2024

The Letter From Home

Walking down the corridor and passing by the many people that were coming the other direction, the soldier entered a room and walked over looked around the many pigeon holes to find his. In it was a an envelope. He picked it up, placing it inside a folder that he had with him, and left the room. It had been a long time since he had received mail. Being overseas, he seemed to have lost contact with those people that he had called friends. Many of them too busy to keep up with communication, he continued each day as the last. Sure, he had a few friends in the service with him, but his heart was not there.

He walked past the cafeteria and decided to go inside for some lunch. Sitting at a seat near the back, he watched the people going in and out. A few people came in and walked over to the counter. They laughed a lot, a couple of them swearing. One of the ladies glanced over at the soldier, but quickly returned her gaze to the group that she was with. He asked them to clean up their language. Now they all looked at him, saying that he was crazy. As they left the room, he pulled out a book. Flipping through some of the pages of it, he read some of it. In the meantime, many people came in and out of the cafeteria. Finishing his lunch, he got up and left.

He then went to see his commanding officer. After being shown inside, he was given his orders. The man behind the desk then explained his job to him. Opening the orders and reading them, they seemed to contradict what he was being told. He tried to reconcile this with the officer, but the more that he tried, the more on edge both had become. The officer finally dismissed him, saying that he could read the orders and then make up his mind.

Arriving back at his room, he sat down on his bunk and opened the envelope. There wasn’t much inside. He took out the two sheets of paper and started to read the familiar writing on it. It was from his parents. His mom had, once again, took pen in hand to keep him up to date with what was going on at home. After reading all of the stuff about Thelma Jane was getting married to George, and how the pie turned out bad, there was something that caused a tear to come to the soldier’s eye. The mother, not really wanting her son away from home, stated that she loved him no matter what he did. The language wasn’t the best English that you’ve seen, and isn’t wasn’t the most eloquent of speech, but the point was made.

He didn’t quite know how to respond. His entire life in the military had been a battle. Not just with guns and machines, but also emotionally. It wasn’t easy to leave home. It hadn’t been easy to take stands alone, when seemingly else was there. This one letter, for that one moment, changed his entire outlook. It gave him renewed strength, and vigor to stand, knowing that his parents were behind him…


Christ is behind us and loves us unconditionally. He came to die for us when we were least desirable, and longs to save us from our sins if we but ask. It matters not how the storm may blow, or what problems seem to come our way, but that our God is in control of all things. So be of good cheer, He will take care of you and keep you. Continue to follow Him and get to know Him better through His Word.

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