April 24, 2024

Are the Alphabet People In Danger in the US?

The Human Rights Campaign (HRC) put out a “national state of emergency for the LGBTQ+ people” on Tuesday, which I find to be pretty hysterical for a number of reasons.

They are concerned that there’s a growing backlash to the advancements they have made in recent years– promoting not just same-sex marriage, a whole month dedicated to celebrating something that was called sin or a mental illness less than 100 years ago, and now causing the social contagion of gender dysphoria into a profitable business for “doctors” who want to use medicine to go against biology.

So, when the “normies” start to boycott Bud Light, Target, or the Los Angeles Dodgers and these companies started to lose money, we knew that there had to be some plan– I mean, even state governments are starting to ban chemical castration or “gender-affirming care”. But what I find amusing is that, at the same time these are happening:

And the list goes on. As I’ve said since the beginning, anything less than total acceptance is a cause for alarm in this new religion. No one is calling for the laws that are in Uganda, no one is calling for persecution, no one is calling for people to treat people poorly or inequality, but are calling for a return to common sense and to leaving other Americans alone. This is not a state of emergency unless you believe you are losing control of the narrative or the country.

And that should give the “normies” the visibility they didn’t have to what the end goal really is.

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