April 22, 2021

REPORT: Doctors Find Way to Harvest Stem Cells From Adults

Following the medical discoveries pioneered by stem cell harvesting of pre-born infants, doctors have extrapolated this technology to be able to remove adult stem cells from those adults that are no longer wanted in the community.

During the pilot phase of this program, researchers have teamed up with Apple, Facebook, Twitter and many other social media platforms to identify people with less than ideal points of view. These people are then sent an invite to participate in the research experiment.

You will notice that these people have a blue check mark in some cases or some way to identify that their profile or account is special.

The process starts with harvesting adult stem cells from the brain-stem area, which causes issues with common sense functions and may cause the participant to espouse restrictive views. It’s a symptom that the researchers are still working to iron out. For now, we fear the change is permanent.

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