February 21, 2024

A Two State Solution

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Back in 1948, after World War II, the winners of that war created a state around the home land of Israel for the displaced and persecuted Jewish people.  The people that were in that land—those from Egypt and Jordan—were told to leave.  Except their home countries would not take them back, figuring that they were going to retake the land back from their Jewish brothers.

Today, we have 200-300 terrorists in our base at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.  And history is repeating itself.  No one wants these terrorists back: even if they’ve been reformed, even if they are no longer dangerous.

So, I propose a two state solution.  I believe that we should force the Cuban government to accept these terrorists on their island, and that they should be able to construct their own government.

I mean, if we force Israel (our friend and democratic ally in the Middle East) to accept a terrorist state next door that hates them and wants their destruction, I think it only fair that the communist country of Cuba be as tolerant of these terrorists.

Plus, if we let them have their own state—we can leave the place, not have to worry about paying for them and keeping up the base, and we will have been humane—giving them a new place, a new life, and a tropical paradise.

Sounds good to me.  Of course, I’m sure I won’t get credit when Sec. of State Clinton adopts my plan, but I’ll be happy to know that I served my country.

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One thought on “A Two State Solution

  1. Not to mention the fact that Fidel Castro will be so terrified of them that he’ll probably seek asylum in the United States. 🙂

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