May 18, 2024

Federal Government Announces Gas-Guzzler Initiative

Hummer WASHINGTON – Faced with the rising cost of gas, the Democratic Presidential candidates announced their support for a bill that would create a new program for those owners of SUVs, trucks and vans who have suddenly found themselves with vehicles with poor gas mileage and the inability to sell them.

The bill, nicknamed “Too Much Car”, would give tax credits for car dealerships that trade these larger vehicles for small or midsize cars– and double the credit for those who trade for a hybrid.

“The American people deserve smaller cars and better fuel efficiency.  Unfortunately, they are making high car payments on vehicles that no one wants to buy!  We must give these Americans a way to save money,” stated Senator Clinton.

“Americans need change.  Change in their government and change in their pocket.  We need to ask dealers to change their policies and in order to do that, I’m asking for a change in the tax code so that we can become a nation of changed drivers,” said Senator Obama in a speech.

Though the Republicans are still asking for a clearing of regulations so that we can reduce dependence on foreign oil by drilling at home, the Democrats appear poised to take advantage of the President’s stimulus package and tack on this tax cut for dealers.

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4 thoughts on “Federal Government Announces Gas-Guzzler Initiative

  1. It amazes me that in the land of “evolution is king”, that we do so much to protect stupid people.

    No dealer keeps anything on their lot that is over a year old. Therefore a year ago they made a decision to invest in Trucks and SUV’s. That is absolute brilliance!

    I see no reason to protect them from their decision. That is one of the advantages of a capitalistic society. Those companies that do not meet the needs of their customers (which involves anticipating future needs), cease to exist and are replaced by companies who thought ahead.

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  2. Ouch, I see what Doug’s saying but hate to be considered “stupid” because we drive a gas-chugging Suburban. (It’s ten years old though, so I honestly don’t take offense! 😉 )Thankfully we have a more economical car to rely on for most of our shuffling around, but the Sub sure comes in handy when I need 4-wheel drive to get up our icy winter hills, or have a lot of kids to tote to Awana with us.

    What I wanted to comment on MIn, was something I read in Proverbs that really seems profound in light of all the “promised changes” these politicians are boasting about…

    Proverbs 24:21, “My son, fear the Lord and the king; Do not associate with those who are given to change; For their calamity will rise suddenly. And who knows the ruin that comes from both of them?”


  3. Unfortunately, that satire sounds like something that could actually happen.
    The verse Mary quoted really struck a chord!

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