March 25, 2023

Father’s Day Around the Corner

While many people collect postcards or other trinkets, I’ve been one to collect t-shirts.  Everywhere I went I picked one up, and it shows by my dresser drawers full of clothing.  It’s hard to part with them, even if someone gave them to me!

If you’re like me, and you’re married, you’ll probably want to check out Union 28 marriage apparel.  They have his and hers clothing that I think is cute, because it builds up your family publicly:

My Husband Rocks "The Original" Flowy RoyalBlue Shirt

Plenty of stuff to look at with some great designs and family affirming phrases.

Please note, I am an affiliate with Union28, and a small portion of a sale would go toward this blog, although it does not change the price of an item.

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