April 16, 2021

Christian Marriages

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The last of this Atheist’s most convincing arguments is probably his weakest.  He claims that because:

  1. Each “Christian Couple” that gets married has witnesses and people praying for the success of their marriage.
  2. The minister says “What God has put together let no man put asunder”
  3. Christian couples still get divorced.

That this means that Christianity is a fallacy.

Talk about absurd.  I don’t even have to talk about “are the couple truly Christians” because I know for a fact that the couple is composed of two sinful people.

Though the Bible teaches that Christians have the victory over sin, and sin does not hold him bondage, he still has a sin nature and does things that he should not do.

The adherents and the code are two different things.  When there is a high moral standard that our flesh is built to miss, people will miss it.  That any adherents to any particular creed fail to meet the creed does not invalidate the creed.

It’s foolish to claim that it does.

To say that God must not be capable of holding the couple together, or that prayer is therefore ineffectual is also amusing but fallacious.  Simply because any given person wants something does not mean that it will come to pass.  God gave Adam and Eve a choice.  He’s constantly giving people choices and mercy.  Does that mean that He’s incapable of having people do what they should?

What would that mean for free will?

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One thought on “Christian Marriages

  1. Perhaps when it is said that “God keeps a marriage together” it can mean that a marriage can have less problems by following God’s will. What better way to know God’s will? Just go to church regularly and attend marriage workshops and counseling, reading the Bible and surrounding yourself with good Christian people and couples.

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