May 18, 2024


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So far, there has been nothing that this Atheist has been able to present in his set of convincing proofs that have proven anything.  His attempts to distort Scripture, to take it out of context and force his worldview on it have not changed the plain reading of the passage.

He’s advanced many falsehoods, a few very weak arguments, and his conclusion is confusing.

If men wrote it for their own goals, what were they?  To die terrible deaths?  That’s a great goal!

How has he disproven a supernatural force?  I saw no arguments against it and no way to prove that it wasn’t.  I’ve seen postulates about “what I could have done better” but that presupposes that the author is a deity—which he clearly doesn’t believe exists.

I agree that everything in the Gospels was written in the first century AD, and that the things in the Old Testament were clearly written before.  So how does that prove anything.

This isn’t critical thinking, but parroting a worldview.

What Should the Christian Take Away From This?

This person claimed to be an Evangelical Christian before “de-converting.”  What are we teaching the next generation?  Where are they picking up this philosophy?  Why are they swayed by such weak arguments?  How is it that they don’t posses an understanding of how the Bible relates to reality and that they do not understand a Biblical worldview.

This points to a problem in the way we are bringing up the next generation.  We need them to know why we believe what we believe, and how to understand and learn from the Scriptures themselves.

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