April 16, 2024

3 Things God Wants Out of His People

Church Aisle

One book that I read said that the number one thing that attracts a person to a church is the bathrooms—better have them cleaned1, well stocked, and visible.

The book also said that the nursery should be well staffed, and that many times a person will decide whether or not to come back long before the pastor has even started his sermon—so you’ve better work on those greeters.

Of course, this leaves out the fact that it is God that builds the church, not us choosing the church((Matthew 16:18)).

God Wants His People to be Holy and Pure

The first thing that God wants is for His people to be holy.  There’s no denying that the main attribute of God is His holiness.  He wants His people to be holy like He is2.

God Wants His People to Display Unity

The next thing that God wants is Unity.  This is a unity of believers.  This is not saying that we should separate from heresy or false doctrine, but that we need to unify especially within our local body of believers3.

God Wants His People to Love Each Other

Loving those that we can see is a good indication of our ability to love Him who we cannot see.  God adds members to the local body that we need.  We must love them4.

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  1. We won’t go there, but my particular church fails miserably in this area.  That’s all I’m going to say. []
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