April 22, 2021

Wine is a Mocker

Nothing carries with it more strong emotions than the topic of alcohol.  At one time this nation banned its sale and consumption at a Constitutional level, before changing its mind.

This was in part due to the strong evangelistic teaching of the time that linked drinking alcohol to Satan himself, and still today many congregations have alcohol prohibitions in their membership documents.

As for the country, there’s a prohibition on when you can start drinking (that many find ways around), and so the jury is still out as to the morality of alcohol.

Why?  Because like many things, we don’t want to say no to something that feels good.  Whether it’s premarital sex, drugs, smoking, or alcohol, because of the nature of the temporary pleasure (very short for some of them) we have a problem condemning them.

We don’t want to seem judgement or say something’s wrong.  Or we don’t want to keep people that would truly do something in moderation from being prohibited altogether.

The sad part is, very rare is the person that can control the effects of these “pleasing” enticements.  The person that only drinks with dinner may find himself being comforted at a difficult time.  And then it turns as to the solution for more problems, and then it is an addiction.

We’ve seen many of these people—those that thought that they could control their consumption, but ended up in Alcohol Rehab .  Some of them have teamed up and not only gotten Alcohol Rehabilitation, but have gone into Drug Rehab as well.

The sad part is, these people getting Alcohol Treatment are sometimes in the prime of their lives and the devastating effects of the addiction and associated mental and physical problems have caused families to fall apart.

All because they believe that they have the right to play with fire.  If it was something that doesn’t have that much pleasure, if it didn’t play with the mind and give a high, we wouldn’t have a problem.  No one would be doing it.  Unfortunately it’s hard to say no to something that seems so good.

That’s why I’m glad for places that can help people get back on their feet.  To say no to the drug or drink, and can focus on getting people’s lives put back together.

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