March 2, 2024

Where are You?

Tire swing kids

This week is Vacation Bible School at my church—first time in a few years.  So, I’m knee deep in Dinosaurs, song leading, and having kids battling a virus.

So, I’m around, commenting, visiting, and using Stumble Upon for some commentary (and even a little Twitter) but haven’t gotten a chance, really, for any good posts.  Though I have some really great topics—so you’ll just have to stay tuned.

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2 thoughts on “Where are You?

  1. Been wondering how this week was going! Happy Anniversary late!

    VBS is almost over, hang in there! Hope the virus is gone, blech. We had the same problem at the start of our VBS. Kind of throws a kink in all the plans.

    Praying for you and yours!

    Marys last blog post..Dressers in the Kitchen

  2. @Mary: Well, the littlest one’s fever is going down, but the middle one now has a high fever and complains his throat hurts. Strep?

    Add to that wrangling with the city for a building permit for gutter replacement, church picnics, and my brother and sister in law coming up this weekend. Let’s just say it’s pretty crazy around here.

    How did your VBS go?

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