May 16, 2021

Where We Are Headed

Ulrika JohnsonUlrika Johnson has announced that she is pregnant with her fourth child.  Normally this would be a moment of celebration– sharing our well wishes to this woman and her husband on their impending arrival.

What makes this couple different than many others is not their looks or status as much as it is to her current marriage.  You see, she’s on husband number four bearing a child with each.

You see, what’s strange in this case is that she’s saying that we should all think this behavior is fine because:

“There are plenty of men out there who have children, abandon them and have nothing to do with them.”

And this somehow makes both what she did and what these men did right?

To me, it shows where a culture that glorifies sex and choose your own family style will end up.  Why should we look at this woman and her choices and think anything is amiss.  Our culture has been advocating easy sex, little responsibility, no-fault divorces, and that splitting up if you’re in a “bad situation” is the best for the children.

What it really is displaying is the woman’s pride and arrogance.  And for some reason we’re supposed to say that this is a great thing for women.  They’re liberated– woo hoo.  They now can live sinful lifestyles and we should all be glad that no one holds a standard.

It’s a scary world indeed.

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